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HP Drivers: 3 Crucial Reasons Why You Should Have the Latest HP Driver Downloads

One of the first reason is that when HP and other companies come out with new drivers, they do so for the very reason that they have found a problem with their current driver and need to replace it. The first rule of the driver revision is that there should always be a place for improvement, and some of the features on the device might not be working 100% until the initial beta testing has been done and they have launched their device to the open market. Make no mistake about it, when you are buying a new product, what you are in fact doing is being HP's one of millionth testers, and your feedback back to them is what makes their engineers relook at their configuration and allow them to tweak the product to work in most spaces.

The other reason you should always have the latest HP drive downloads is for the simple reason that with new drivers, there is always room for improved performance when it comes to how Windows uses the new drivers to get the most of the device signature. One of the main things that engineers do when they are updating the drivers is that they ensure a new language is being coded in to bypass most of the slowdowns the computer and the device might be coming across and find ways to speed it up to better and optimal levels.

So what you are in fact doing is missing out on performance boosts when you ignore the whole updated driver situation. Also, they could patch up the device from being vulnerable to infection as well, which is one of the key reason why people do always ensure that they have the latest drivers on board.

The last and final reason why you should always have an updated driver from HP is that sometimes drivers are turnkeys to new features. They could use the existing features on the device and ramp it up or even create new software features with the use of the driver. Also, when they update the driver, they more than likely will be updating the entire suite of solutions, so what happens is that you will be getting upgrades in your interface and so on and so forth.

The good thing about this is the Easter eggs in performance as well as the new features and there is no other compelling reason why you should be going out there and getting yourself a great software device driver upgrade for yourself.

As you can see the 3 crucial reasons behind why you should have the latest HP driver downloads is pretty clear and when you think about it, the benefits are really majorly a lot. So all you need to do is to install either a driver update programme or subscribe yourself to a site that does all the work for you in the first place. By the end of the day, you will be printing easier, without hassle from your printer.

Click Here to download Driver Scan for free and instantly find HP Driver Downloads . Logan Albright is an authority on troubleshooting drivers issues at and has helped many to optimize their computers for peak performance.

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Question by Marvin Machine: How do I download HP Drivers to help my friends desk top? How do I get drivers downloaded on my dell xp to install on my friends HP vista? I used my dell lap top vista reformat disc & got stopped when it asked for driver installation its 64bit Pavilion media center m8100n tv pc

Answer by Likestyle U
hi, the official hp site should work, check out there. if you did but still no help, hope this hp site can be helpful to you instead: as i know, the program there offers free scan and can get nearly any hp drivers we need correctly and easily. also, forums like are good places to look for driver help too. hope this can work for you. good luck.


51aOu9FAPhL. SL160  HP Drivers: 3 Crucial Reasons Why You Should Have the Latest HP Driver Downloads
  • A mysterious man has ordered the theft of 40 top-of-the-line sports cars. You'll travel around the world, tracking this ring down - from Turkey to France to Miami
  • Drive through immense, detailed cities and explore every street and alley
  • Exciting mini-games like avoiding a dozen cop cars, or pursuing suspicious vehicles
  • Get on foot and carjack any vehicle in the game -- more than 70 to choose from
  • Collect all kinds of crazy weapons - from standard pistols & submachine guns to grenade launchers
DRIV3R - The fun and thrills of the original Driver, combined with all-new gameplay mechanics, bring you the next great racing-action game! Play as Tanner, the undercover cop from the first two hit Driver games. This time he's out to bust an immense car-theft ring -- but his secret is about to be uncovered. If Tanner doesn't work fast, the mission is over - and so is Tanner's life. Realistic driving physics and crash models - if you can think of a way to wreck the car, you can do it

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New Db Bass Inferno Bi60hp 6.5in High-Performance 4-Way Speakers Silver Poly-Injected Cone

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  • 500W max power. Freq resp: 45 Hz¨C20 kHz.
  • Nominal imp: 4ohm. Sensitivity: 92 dB.
  • Silver poly-injected cone.
  • Rubber butyl surround.
1.25" Mylar dome mid-range. Two 75" Piezo dome tweeters. Pair.

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Hp Car and Driver Solar Powered Universal Charger with 6 Tips cell phone

110NwlFU46L. SL160  HP Drivers: 3 Crucial Reasons Why You Should Have the Latest HP Driver Downloads Solar Powered Universal Charger (6 tips included)Stores power for connected devices. Includes vehicle USB charger, charging cables, 6 charging connectors and suction-cups. Convenient suction-cups for glass placement 1500mAh backup internal Li-Ion battery Output: 5V-500mACompatible Phones: iPhone & iPod, Motorola Droid/V3/L7/V8/V9, BlackBerry 8300/8900, Samsung M300/T409, LG Chocolate 8500, Nokia 6101Car and Driver part# CD-UK4Compatible With Hp iPAQ Glisten

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HP Photosmart C5580 All-in-One Printer

41B1FkXJKmL. SL160  HP Drivers: 3 Crucial Reasons Why You Should Have the Latest HP Driver Downloads
  • All in One Printer, Scanner, Copier w/2.4 in LCD Color Display
  • 34 ppm Black and up to 25 ppm Color
  • Scan Up to 4800 x 4800 dpi
  • Copy Up to 50 Copies, Reduce/Enlarge: 50 to 400 Percent
  • 1 USB 2.0, Memory Cards, Bluetooth Connectivity
HP Photosmart C5580 All in One Printer, Scanner, Copier. HP printers chosen by consumers as the easiest to use. Print exactly what you see onscreen with HP Smart Web Printing. Effortlessly print photos without a PC using the 2.4-inch color display and memory card slots. Print photos without swapping paper the photo tray automatically engages when you print. Get fast and reliable performance; Print documents or make copies fast up to 34 ppm black and up to 25 ppm color. Quickly print a 4 x 6 inch photo in as fast as 26 seconds. Print lab quality photos that last for generations5 using HP Premium Plus Photo Paper. Enjoy peace of mind with HP Total Care service and support even if your product is out of warranty.

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Matchbox Mega Rig Car Crusher Building System

518xpMxCLPL. SL160  HP Drivers: 3 Crucial Reasons Why You Should Have the Latest HP Driver Downloads
  • Boys love crashing, smashing and crushing
  • Features a modular design
  • Build 20 different truck combinations
  • Includes huge crane and ample accessory pieces
  • Innovative car crushing system

Matchbox Mega Rig Car Crusher Building Systems car crushing center is a favorite theme for boys they love crashing, smashing and crushing. This Mega Rig building system features a modular design with exciting ways to build 20 different truck combinations. Includes huge crane and ample accessory pieces for depth of play and an innovative car crushing system. Totally awesome.

* Boys love crashing, smashing and crushing
* Features a modular design
* Build 20 different truck combinations
* Includes huge crane and ample accessory pieces
* Innovative car crushing system

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  • "darklikeashark"
    6 of 6 people found the following review helpful:
    2.0 out of 5 stars
    Disappointing, June 26, 2004
    “darklikeashark” (Manhattan Beach, California United States) –

    This review is from: Driv3r (Video Game)

    When I first heard that Driver 3 was coming out I was really excited. I liked the first two Drivers and thought that a Driver on XBOX would be incredible. Driver 3 did not come close to meeting my expectations. The graphics have improved, but seem a little bland for XBOX. The maps are big but it lacks the fine detail that other similar games have. The game even lags at times. This is an XBOX not a PS1. The cars are still tough to control which makes it seem a lot more realistic.
    The missions are still a bit slow. Sure the driving parts are fun and you get weapons finally. Unfortunately the enemy AI is about a dumb as a post so there not much challenge in the shooting parts of the game. Another thing I noticed was that the cops seem a bit less involved during missions than the last two games. Im about halfway through the second city and I have only run into cops in about three missions. Another thing about the missions are the constant restarts. If you make one wrong move during a car chase you will lose the guy and have to restart the mission. Sometimes the character will freeze when you are on foot. This is convenient especially when you are at the end of a misson. I think games have evolved enought for characters not to get stuck in walls.
    A new feature of driver 3 for Xbox is custom sountrack. When I saw this I didn’t think it could get any better. I started playing the game with my own music. The only problem is that everytime you restart the mission your soundtrack starts at the beginning so you tend to hear the same few songs over and over and there is no way to put it on random or to skip songs. So you end up turning the music off most of the time. The only thing is that if you turn the music off you have no volume during cutscenes which is the best part of the game.
    Anyways If your looking for a grand theft auto style game just wait until the new grand theft auto comes out in october because this is nothing like it and it a waste of $50. I would recommend renting it because you will get sick of it fast. You could also just wait until it is $20.

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  • OverTheMoon
    4 of 4 people found the following review helpful:
    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Not as good as Vice City, but different and REPLAY MODE!, December 1, 2004
    OverTheMoon ([email protected]) –
    (TOP 500 REVIEWER)

    Fun:5.0 out of 5 stars 
    This review is from: Driv3r (Video Game)

    Anybody who has played the Driver games and GTA will love Driv3r as the second best thing that has come out on PS2 yet. Although there are some game crashes (as with GTA:Vice City but a little more here) because the A.I. is so sophisticated. With so many possibilities because of the highly detailed and semi-destructible environments and certainly destructible vehicles – that to tune this game to perfection, without crashes would probably mean waiting for the PS3/XBOX2 to come out or the PC VERSION! There is no doubt – no other game has pushed the limits of a console gaming experience like Driv3r (PC Half-Life 2 rulez all). The Getaway had similar problems on release with its glitches but Driv3r is nothing like that horrible experience and is more akin to that cherry you got popped when you stuck the Vice City disk into the machine. Also please remember that if it was not for Driver 1 + 2 we would not have had the 3D GTA series!!!! GTA 3D was spawned by the Driver series!!!! Div3r has now developed nicely… It deserves it too… and to be honest I am looking forward to Driver 4.

    There are 3 full scale cities (Miami, Nice and Istanbul – all WOW! WOW! BIG WOW!) and I believe the detail is a little better than GTA: San Andreas, but not as big. Tanner has a choice of several weapons including a rocket launcher that virtually blows up everything except some buildings. There are, however, no sniper riffles or melee weapons! But the game story is different and these are never needed. A pair of binoculars with a zoom feature would not have gone amiss! Tanner can swim (spawning GTA: San Andreas aquatics!) So no more death by drowning – YOU can fly off a bridge into the water and swim ashore again! The vehicle destruction systems and world physics in this game are as good as they will get on the PS2/XBOX. If this thing hits the PC it will probably be awesome. So will San Andreas. The driving in Driv3r is as realistic as Grand Turismo and is not too far away from matching the graphics found in Need for Speed 3: Underground. There is a cool slow motion “fun” feature in the controller (L1+R1) that allows you to see crashes in slow-mo while still driving. There is very little blood in the game but that does not make it any less violent. The shootouts with the cops after a chase are first rate action sequences. Unlike the GTA series everything comes out of the blue and you will not second guess a thing. The A.I is that good.

    The replay and director mode are sublime. With Driver 1 + 2 you have spent hours creating endless little movies. If you liked that experience Driv3r will have you doing a recreation of the Steve McQueen Bullet car chase sequence in no time. Every conceivable camera angle and tracking shots are covered (with controllable cinematic motion blur!… Hell Yeah!)
    The missions themselves are each compelling, entertaining and present a level of realistic quality not seen before. This is as close as it gets to playing a movie on the XBOX/PS2. The free ride mode of course will allow you everlasting driving and mayhem across the 3 cities for the price of $50. You can also play various type chase/getaway/cross country/point to point/ scenarios.

    It has NO multiplayer which is a shame. I have wondered why they did not do this but then again this may be a problem with the PS2/XBOX engines. It is my understanding that San Andreas’ Rockstar programmers could not do it either. I doubt we will ever see a 2 player game this rich in detail and game physics without better technology (In Grand Turismo you went around circuits and things did not blow up! and there where no cop chases and shootouts). Now and again the PS2/XBOX does stall at times even in the only single player mode. There is also no stats page like in GTA.

    There are tons of missions and you will spend a few days at them…. relentlessly. I can not quarrel about any of the little glitches that crop up now and again causing you to press reset on the console. To be honest the more I learned to control the game the less the glitches appeared (come on folks, they only happen now and again when you start learning the game). In fact I have not found a glitch in quite a long time (playing now 3 months +). The bottom line is that this is an evolution in driving game experience. Nothing will be the same after playing Driv3r.

    - The BEST game ever for the PS2. Better than Vice City.
    - Graphics are the best in any game for the PS2 so far. 3 gloriously rendered cities to do battle with.
    - The driving IS Grand Turismo.
    - The slo-mo fun feature is whacked out!
    - The shootouts and destruction on this scale and realism have not been seen before.
    - You can do virtually anything you want in the game.
    - The A.I is outstanding.
    - The car crash physics are like something NASA came up with.

    - Some glitches (jumping and control…

    Read more

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  • sedonaman
    42 of 45 people found the following review helpful:
    4.0 out of 5 stars
    A lot in one machine for $120, December 9, 2008
    sedonaman (Sedona, AZ United States) –

    This review is from: HP Photosmart C5580 All-in-One Printer (Electronics)

    Purchased on 12/04/2008

    Installed under Windows XP Home Edition


    A lot in one machine for $120 [at Office Max]: Prints on just about every medium, including envelopes, plus is a copier. Certainly lives up to its claim as an “all-in-one” machine. About the only thing it isn’t is a fax.

    Two paper trays, one for regular paper and one for photo paper so you don’t have to change between the two kinds of paper.

    Inexpensive to buy.

    There are only two ink cartridges, black [hp 74/74xl, $15/$32] and color [hp 75/75xl, $18/$35].

    Fairly easy to install and set up.

    Prints directly onto printable standard and mini CDs and DVDs, the main reason I purchased it. Excellent print quality for printable CD/DVD labels, considering limitations [see below].

    Makes very good photocopies [at least of text – I have not photocopied pictures], and no need to turn the computer on, just turn the printer on and use it like you would a Xerox.

    Very good scanning feature for both text and images. It scans text to an editable .rtf file [editable by importing it into your separate word processor]. The optical character recognition [OCR] is not perfect but very good compared to Omni-pro 8 that I have been using.


    Extremely limited in text for printing directly onto CDs and DVDs [and probably their paper labels]. You have only a small three-line text box in which to enter your information, which is only one font of one size, one color [black], plus bold and italics. It does have the capability to import photos as part of the label. A work-around that allows you to make titles of various fonts of varying sizes is to use a photo-editing program [like PhotoShop] that has a text tool and to create a .jpg file containing the text you wish and import it as a picture. This is tedious, but it works. A good reason to do it this way is you can save your work, whereas there appears to be no way to save a printable CD/DVD label design created using the printer software. According to the instructions, you are supposed to be able to “click on a photo or text in the preview to edit this label,” but the program does not do this for photos. You have to go back to the separate photo editing program and modify it.

    The area you can use is limited by the large hole in the center of a regular label. The layout doesn’t show this in the outline so you have to play with your photo-editing program to adjust the text to avoid the hole … that is, until later in the “Create” sequence you discover there is a pull-down option that allows you to print to the hub and specify its inner diameter. These settings don’t get saved as default, unfortunately, and the program reverts to the large hub the next time you start it. It would have helped a lot if HP had shown the hole in the layout, but you know you are overwriting it because the text gets masked behind it. The “Basics Guide” doesn’t explain any of this.

    Like every photo printer I’ve owned [three by HP], it can consume a lot of photo paper and ink getting it to print a picture with the correct color balance and contrast. Other than for an occasional print for those who don’t care about these fine points, you are light years ahead by taking your photo files to a professional service for printing; it’s cheaper and will result in really good pictures. [The one in my area charges $0.34 each for fewer than 100 prints and $0.29 if the order is 100 or more.]

    Does not print banners. You will have to print individual pages and tape them together.

    The “Help” feature is woefully lacking. For example, its search and index do not contain the words “scan” or “scanning” as one would think for a machine that is supposed to be able to scan. I have encountered this problem with several other searches for words that should be in the Help.

    There is no Windows style window/toolbar, and the tools are represented by symbols not always clear and are scattered about the view.

    The included “Basics Guide” is just that – basic and bare-bones. I recommend that you download a .pdf version of the Users Manual from the HP website. It has very detailed instructions and a very good index.

    Additional information:

    There is a carrier that holds the CD/DVD, so the disk doesn’t spin. The instructions advise burning your disk first.

    Can scan an image to .bmp, .dcx, .fpx, .gif, .jpg, .pcd, .pcx, and .tif, although I have not used this feature.

    It has the Bluetooth capability and an included wireless adapter that I have also not used.

    Update 01/01/11:

    Have used it to scan images to .jpg files, and it has a software design problem. When you scan to a photo file, it tries to minimize the file size by blocking off the information scanned. For…

    Read more

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  • Buddy Z
    13 of 13 people found the following review helpful:
    4.0 out of 5 stars
    Enjoying my new C5580, January 15, 2009
    Buddy Z (Southeast USA) –

    This review is from: HP Photosmart C5580 All-in-One Printer (Electronics)

    Confession: I like HP. I actually work for another computer company but I like HP. My old cheapo HP inkjet printer broke down after 2 years and I really had to replace it since I work at home. I did NOT want a fax, but I was excited about being able to make copies and scan at home. I am not a big digital camera picture person – yet, anyway. We shall see! I purchased this printer to print documents, presentations, and also for the copy and scan abilities. Also, this machine is a little sturdier than some other models I looked at – it has a dedicated paper holder (not one of those weenie flip-down attachments that I usually break), and it looked like it would hold up to regular home office/business use. And it has, so far.

    I bought the printer for $149 at Office Depot – went in and bought it and some cartridges. I had done some research online but it is pretty confusing and I did ask the salesperson.

    This printer works well. I had to set it up on a network with my home PC which is also an HP :-) and my work laptop (another mfr!). I am fairly computer savvy since I set up the wireless router here myself. Since I previously had an HP printer, I just used my old USB connector – save a couple bucks there.

    I used the Network SEtup wizard in the Control Panel to add the printer as a device to my 2 systems. Now I will be honest and tell you it took me 2 hours and some swearing to complete setting up the printer – I probably shouldn’t have started at the end of the day though. I was impatient to get set up since I had been without a printer for about a week.

    The printer works well, a little grinding and hesitation when you first turn it on and start – what was that noise? (kind of reminds me of myself in the morning) – but it prints dependably. The copier is fast! And WAY more convenient than going to the FedEx/UPS store (whoever they are) or the library or family members who live close by, which is what I was doing.

    I just tried the scan function – it is super easy, with a nice user-friendly GUI. I don’t use the little pop-up screen thing on the machine – it is kind of small and hard to read for my eyesight. I use the “HP Solution Center” shortcut that installed on my system to get to the scanning menu and details. However, you can just hit a button on the front of the machine if you like. That would be easier I guess.

    Anyway, the scan to text OCR is cool – I liked that feature.

    So far, so good – I recommend this model as a fairly economical, dependable and dare I say fun? print/scan/copy solution for home or home office and professional use.

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  • Alec Guinness "Alec"
    12 of 12 people found the following review helpful:
    3.0 out of 5 stars
    Good Printer – Bad Software, May 7, 2009
    Alec Guinness “Alec” (Los Angeles, CA USA) –

    This review is from: HP Photosmart C5580 All-in-One Printer (Electronics)

    I print a lot of CD covers, so I needed a printer that would print directly to the CD. After a lot of research, I went with this HP mainly because it is very good about using ink.

    So far, so good. I’ve burned over 50 CD’s and every one prints perfectly. Still using the original ink cartridges.

    It was not an easy decision, though, as HP is notorious for creating horrific software.

    HP held true to form…. The software provided with the printer is so bad as to be almost unusable. In their attempt to make the software so easy that any idiot can use it, they have created garbage that no one can use! Whoever writes the software for HP products should be fired!

    There are work-arounds, though. I’m creating jpg files using photoshop and loaded these jpg files into the HP software. It is klunky and time consuming, but it works. If you don’t know how to create jpg files with either photoshop or Paint, then your options for creating disk labels with the HP software is very limited

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