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Dell T5800: Dell-E1709W

Dell is a popular brand engaged in manufacturing and presenting forth plausible models of computer peripherals. The new Dell-E1709W is considered as a slim and compact designed monitor models that has the key advantages of saving space where you place your monitors. This is certainly suitable for the places that struggle for space, especially in small homes and organizations.

Attached gracefully to your desktop computers, these monitors are known to increase your work area on the screen. With its support, you can enjoy a Enjoy 1440 x 900 resolution and work with multiple applications side-by-side on the 17-inch widescreen display. This is a recent addition Dell's flat panel monitors that are designed smartly and use substantially low electricity. As a result of which, this monitor produces less heat than traditional CRT monitors that can will save your money. This is due to the fact, that these dell monitors give a great hand in reducing the cooling and heating costs. Falling under the economic series, this monitor runs on TFT active matrix which supports 12,96,000 Screen Pixels. It offers fabulous response time of 8 ms along with Dot Pitch of 0.255 mm.

This Dell monitor has also gained a fabulous support of pixel pitch of 0.255 mm. Customers are highly impressed and comfortable on working with its antiglear Screen and thus, this monitor meet the MPR-II, Energy Star. Offering user friendly view of 160° max horizontal view angle and 150° of vertical view angle, the monitor has VGA (D-Sub) interfaces. All these features have made this product to reach the pillar of popularity matching upto the latest needs and demands of the modern tech savvys in mind. Some additional features boasted by this highly functional desktop monitor include an internal Power Device Form Factor. What impressed the users is the fact that this monitor works keeping the energy consumption least at 25 W. As additional support, this Dell monitor is featured with a power standby of 2 W and feature a 1W power sleep. Dell-E1709W Price is set economical keeping in mind the budgetary constraints of the consumers. Check for the available deals, offers and discounts to make a profitable deal.

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ZipLinq Retractable DELL X5 Sync-Charge

ac8c6 Dell T5800 pczipdatap09 Dell T5800:  Dell E1709W Retractable Dell Data Cable by Ziplinq is designed for both the Dell Axim X5 PDA s.Ziplinq s uniquely designed retractable type A USB to Dell Axim X5 cable is a must for PC computer users that require one of the most advanced space saving technologies available. Compact spool of high quality cable extends to over 2 feet just by pulling.Connect your computer to a Dell Axim X5 PDA PC.Durable ABS plastic housing is Less then 4 inches long when retracted!Dell Data Cable will Synchronize & Charge!NOTE: NO Software is Included.The perfect Dell data cable solution for mobile users on the go!Specifications:Type A USB to Dell type connector.Durable ABS housing.Maximum data transfer rate is 12 MBps. Maximum cable length is 2.5 feet. Minimum cable length is 4 inches.Factory original warranty of One year applies.Supported Models and Categories:Universal cellular accessories for Most models List Price: Price: 10.23


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