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Sony A350 For Sale: Alen A350 Air Purifier

The Alen a350 air purifier is effective in eliminating mud, pollen, pet dander, mud miles in addition to larger particles and mould spores. It has a real HEPA filter and it's price efficient. The Alen a350 has an power star score which makes it eco friendly and power efficient. It's simple to operate and keep and incorporates a washable pre-filter. It's ninety eight p.c effective in removing allergens for room from four hundred to eight hundred square feet. It has four fan speeds and is wall mountable or can stand on the floor. There's a in-built ozone secure ionizer the can reduce pollutants. The ionizer has an on and off swap which can be used manually. It produces no ozone and is an non-obligatory addition.
The Alen Company came into existence in 2005 to supply a top quality air filtration product at an affordable price. The Company became in style as a result of it provided what the consumer needed a product that carried out and a cost efficient price tag. The unique design was thought of unattractive and in 2006 an air air purifier of another design was made. The Alen Company is very assured of their product and provides a lifetime warranty on their merchandise, being the one firm to do this. They offer a multi filtration expertise that gives one of the best air filtration solution not only for human life however for the environment as well. Their air filtration models are power star rated.
Latest check results showed that the new Silver Ion HEPA filter can remove as much as ninety nine percent micro organism and fifty % of viruses that trigger the flu and ninety nine percent of all allergens. The filter is coated with a silver ion which is antimicrobial. Germs can not develop inside the unit and bacteria are prevented from being blown into the air. Fungus and micro organism presence is reduced in five minutes of the operation.
The Alen a350 system makes use of the identical know-how that was really helpful by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security in the removal of dangerous particles that may be airborne in a terrorist threat.

Alice has been writing articles online for a few years and here is her new website on Alen Air Purifier.

Question by Shaun T: Which is Canon 500D or Sony A700 and Why? I don't mind budget

Answer by fhotoace
Both are fine cameras. The why is up to you. You have to hold both in your hands and see which you like the best. Also look at both cameras menu's and see which is the most intuitive to you. Here is why the camera you choose does not matter that much Canon has more legacy lenses (since 1988) than Sony if that is important to you. Canon also has more current lenses than the four year old Sony system. Actually Nikon has THE most legacy lenses than either Canon or Sony (since 1959)

Sony A350 For Sale: Sony Alpha DSLR A350 review

Full review at: : A ten minute video tour around Sony's latest DSLR, the Alpha A350, by Gordon Laing,...

Video Rating: 4 / 5

OnceAll NP-BN1 Battery for Sony DSC-TX10 DSC-W310 W320 W330 W350 W380 W510

f37f0 Sony A350 For Sale 31ktjFael2BL. SL160  Sony A350 For Sale:  Alen A350 Air Purifier
  • New and high quality
  • New generic Sony NP-BN1 Compatible Li-Ion Battery
  • Extra power for your digital video camera / camcorder
  • High capacity / rechargeable Li-ion Battery with premium cell
This battery for Sony DSC-TX10 DSC-W310 W320 W330 W350 W380 W510 is perfect for travel or extended photo sessions. This digital camera battery will ensure optimized performance to save your time and money. With this fully charged battery, you will never miss the important moment when you´re just about to capture it! A good choice for you!

buynow small Sony A350 For Sale:  Alen A350 Air Purifier
List Price: $ 7.41 Price: $ 7.41

[Backpack Pro] TAUPE | Universal 15-inch Laptop Backpack. 15.6" Sony VAIO VGN-N350E Notebook. Bonus Ekatomi Screen Cleaner

16b3c Sony A350 For Sale 51O16JYjJyL. SL160  Sony A350 For Sale:  Alen A350 Air Purifier
  • Approx computer pouch dimensions: 16" x 10" x 1.5"
  • Dedicated padded notebook section that is designed to fit up to 16-inch notebooks
  • High-quality materials are used throughout this exceptionally crafted backpack
  • Padded shoulder straps and cushioned back allow for maximum comfort and weight distribution
  • Additional pockets inside and outside for extra accessories storage
EKATOMI will process and ship orders within 1-2 business days from California, USA.

Bonus Ekatomi screen cleaner sticker that will help remove dust / dirt from your device.

This is a universal 12 - 16 inch laptop bag with interior padded computer compartment. Additional pockets for a home for your other daily accesories. The sleek exterior design features a professional and very modern style. Air mesh on the back provides comfort and breathability . The zippered drop pocket at the top of the backpack allows quick access to your smaller personal items.

This stylish and functional backpack is perfect for business, travel, leisure or school. Separate laptop compartment holds laptops with up to 16" screens. Multiple pockets throughout the backpack to hold and organize all your travel and personal essentials.Thick padding and air mesh added cushioning and comfort.

Full backpack exterior dimensions: 17" x 11.5" x 6"


- Make sure to check the provided product's approximate dimensions
- Color may come off slightly different due to personal, computer birghtness settings
- Search "Ekatomi bags" for all other available items in variety of color/size/design

buynow small Sony A350 For Sale:  Alen A350 Air Purifier
List Price: $ 46.99 Price: $ 39.99

Sony CDXGT710 Digital Media CD Car Stereo Receiver with HD Radio & Pandora Control

16b3c Sony A350 For Sale 41XYmj3ZCML. SL160  Sony A350 For Sale:  Alen A350 Air Purifier
  • Front USB in for iPod, iPhone & other USB devices
  • Pandora internet radio app control for iPhone
  • Integrated HD Radio tuner with iTunes Tagging
Even long drives are a breeze with the integrated HD Radio tuner and in-dash control of your Pandora app on your iPhone. You can also conveniently connect to your iPod and other USB devices. This CD receiver is also SiriusXM control ready5, putting unlimited listening options at your fingertips.

buynow small Sony A350 For Sale:  Alen A350 Air Purifier
List Price: $ 129.99 Price: $ 107.01

900mAh Camera Battery NP-BN1 for Sony CyberShot DSC-W320,W350, W380

16b3c Sony A350 For Sale 31MffXiSX2BL. SL160  Sony A350 For Sale:  Alen A350 Air Purifier
  • If you have any questions, please feel free to write us.
  • Delivery Time 20-30 Days
  • 40 days unconditional return policy


Compatible Brand Sony,

Compatible Digital Camera Models CyberShot DSC-W320/ W350/ W380,

Battery Models NP-BN1,

Cell type Li-ion,

Capacity (mAh) 900,

Capacity Range (mAh) 500-1000,

Voltage (V) 3.7,

Dimension (cm) 4 x 3.5 x 0.5,

Net Weight (kg) 0.0135,

buynow small Sony A350 For Sale:  Alen A350 Air Purifier
List Price: $ 10.00 Price: $ 10.00

Sony LTE ZR HSPA+ Universal Printed wallet w/phone holder inTeal Blue and Black Zebra

16b3c Sony A350 For Sale 51oqwhHA6aL. SL160  Sony A350 For Sale:  Alen A350 Air Purifier
  • Divided pocket designed to carry your smart phone safely. Approximate pocket dimensions: 5.6" x 2.7" x .3"
  • Includes: 3 card slots to store your credit cards and 1 slot for ID PLUS side slot for cash/receipts/grocery list etc. Exterior back zipper pocket carries change.
  • Snap button closure securely keeps wallet closed and phone in place.
  • Removable wristlet strap also included enables you to turn this wallet into a wristlet,can be used for a night out or a trip to the grocery store.
  • Retro/ funky animal style print for fun day or night looks
NOTE: Please make sure to check approximate dimensions for your reference before purchase.

Neviss will process and ship orders within 1-2 business days from within the USA.

This retro chic Universal Ladies wristlet wallet is a mutli purpose carrier, it is a stylish way to protect and secure your belongings all in one,wristlet wallet plus phone holder.

There is a front compartment to carry your smart-phone, an exterior back zipper pocket to hold excess coins , 3 interior card slots and an ID window plus a side slot for cash notes as well as a removable strap to turn this wallet into a wristlet.

This printed wallet has a snap button closure as well as a noticeable side gap which enables you to plug in your earpiece conveniently.

Whether used for a night out or a trip to the grocery store this was perfectly created for any on the go woman!

Also included is a Bonus Neviss Luggage Tag to help personalize your belongings.

buynow small Sony A350 For Sale:  Alen A350 Air Purifier
List Price: $ 19.99 Price: $ 12.49

Wallet/phoneholder clutch with crossbody strap Plus Bonus wristlet strap included Purple/ Black and white- Universal fit for Sony Xperia Ion LTE LT28i

16b3c Sony A350 For Sale 51ouhMbnDQL. SL160  Sony A350 For Sale:  Alen A350 Air Purifier
  • A wristlet strap and cross body chain are included to give you the option of either a hands free wristlet or crossbody clutch.
  • Wallet includes 3 card slots to store your credit/debit/business cards etc and 1 slot for ID PLUS side slot for cash/receipts/grocery list etc.
  • Exterior front pocket carries your smart phone and closes w/a secure snap button
Carry around your smart phone in practical fashion with this animal printed wallet.

Exterior of the wallet is a pocket that sits your phone secured and accessible.

On the inside your cards and cash remain organized withcards slots, an open id window and a full legth bill slot for cash/receipts or extra.

This all-in-one wallet is complete with a BONUS included cross body strap.

Turn this wallet into a handsfree crossbody wristlet that is capable of holding everything one might need for day activities or a night out.

NOTE: Please make sure to check approximate dimensions for your reference before purchase.

Neviss will process and ship orders within 1-2 business days from within the USA.

buynow small Sony A350 For Sale:  Alen A350 Air Purifier
List Price: $ 27.99 Price: $ 18.49

26 comments to Sony A350 For Sale: Alen A350 Air Purifier

  • OMG, I ? PONIES!!1

    The Sony A700 is in a better class. No contest.

    For a more direct comparison in terms of features and price, you should be looking at the following sets of cameras:

    Canon 50D vs. Sony A700
    Canon 500D (a.k.a. T1i) vs. Sony A350.

    Here’s those four cameras side-by-side with links to in-depth reviews:

    Personally, I’d lean towards Canon. With the entry level models, the Sony A350 apparently has a horrible viewfinder. If you’re more interested in a semi-pro camera, there’s not much difference between the cameras themselves, but Canon’s lens selection looks more appealing.

    To make things even more confusing you could add comparable Nikon and Pentax models to the mix. I won’t name any models though, because I have no idea if you’re looking to spend $ 500 or $ 1500 on the body… I’d have to list half of these companies’ lineup.

    If budget is not an issue, follow the link I provided and read the reviews for the 50D and A700.

    Also price the entire kit you think you’ll end up with. Here’s where you’ll notice what I meant about Canon’s lens lineup – their selection of 70-200mm zooms alone is amazing.

    With Nikon you could consider the D300 (and the cheaper D90 which can shoot video clips) and with Pentax the newly announced K7.

    Between all of these cameras, I’d personally chose the Nikon D300. It’s the best of the bunch by a whisker. (I own the previous model – the D200.)

    Some things to keep in mind in case of “analysis paralysis”:
    A more expensive camera only buys you better build quality and more features. All of these cameras, from entry level to pro and by all brands, provide roughly the same image quality. The final image quality is determined more by how much you spend on lenses. And even image quality is just a technical aspect. Great images are produced by great photographers – expensive gear might make extra things possible, but in the wrong hands even a $ 10,000 camera will produce nothing but snapshots. So don’t get carried away by what an extra $ 300 might buy you… and then another $ 300… you’ll just end up wanting an $ 8000 professional camera. Instead, narrow things down to the 2 or 3 cheapest cameras that do what you really need. Use the extra cash for better or more lenses, a photography class, or something else entirely.

    If you don’t have anything in particular in mind, why not look for a sale on an entry level model? I can assure you that they all do pretty much everything the average hobbyist wants. If video clips are important, spend a bit more and chose between the Canon 500D or Nikon D5000. If you need a weatherproof camera that can do 6 frames per second, yes, then you should be looking at the Canon 50D, Nikon D300, etc.

    And a final note: try the camera(s) your considering in a shop before you buy one. A review won’t tell you how a camera feels. If you can’t stand the build quality of the Canon 500D, or the viewfinder on the Sony A350, the button layout or menu system of the A700, the bulk of the Nikon D300, then don’t purchase that particular camera. It’s one thing for a camera to look ‘best’ on paper but you should also enjoy using it.

  • B Tiger

    go for Sony DSLRA700P Sony DSLR Camera + 16-105mm Lens better

  • Cynthia G.

    This one or Olympus e420??
    I might buy either one second hand. Thx.?

  • kazak91

    Can sony a350 still compete with the present entry level dslr??

  • Gordon Laing

    It’s dead simple DXm8 – this my job and my business, and posting videos
    here only generates money for Youtube. I don’t make anything from them at
    all, so it’s like you going to work for no salary. The business only works
    if people visit the site, so if no-one bothers, then it fails and there
    will be no more reviews. By the way, it’s not just specs at the site, it’s
    proper full review with sample images, results and a detailed analysis.
    There’s no point repeating the information here.

  • Gordon Laing

    Image Stabilisation won’t help in astrophotography unless you’re taking
    handheld shots of the moon or bright planets with normal exposures. The
    tilting screen might make it easier to compose poitning upowrads, but the
    LV won’t help you focus on stars. See our reviews at cameralabs for more
    details and if you have any more Qs, feel free to have a chat on the
    cameralabs . com forums!

  • Really Colorful

    dat would be awesum

  • Gordon Laing

    Hi, I’ve just posted my review of the Canon 450D / XSi at the Cameralabs

  • redegamieste

    for gods shake!! fairchild semiconductors has an 81megapixel sensor for
    aerial photography apps. visit their site and you ll see. same sensor made
    by KODAK , has also one of the models of the phase one cameras. check out
    linhoff and sinar as well.

  • mouimen

    i received mine today with 2 lenses 18-70 and 55-200 mm and its awesome
    camera, i have now d40x and this sony alpha a350

  • Guilty Spark


  • InuyashasFreak01

    such a beautiful creation! i must have it!

  • ARGH28

    i read the full review on your website and have a quick question regarding
    the coninuous shooting mode. i have this camera and after about the 9nth
    shot it starts hitting the buffer and crawls to about 1fps in jpeg mode. i
    have a ms pro duo in there instead of cf card. i noticed you used a 300x cf
    card and i am wondering if that is what it takes to avoid the slowdown in
    continuous shooting mode or if the camera slows down regardless of card
    speeds? sony tech support did not help with this.

  • Teslasdik

    can this camera take movies? it’s pissing me off cuz i just wanna throw it
    away if it doesn’t!!!

  • MandeepGadgetBoy


  • kenny lc

    I’m in the market for a dslr and am glad to have found this on YT. Also i
    have book marked your site. :-D

  • ARGH28

    i purchased an HG ms pro duo and that did not have any performance increase
    over the sony mark 2 ms pro i am using (with the ms pro duo cf card adapter
    for this camera). i am not sure why they call these new and much more
    expensive ms pro duo cards HG since they have the same speeds as the sony
    mark 2′s. anyway, i did notice that there is a 450mb/s ms pro duo card and
    i am thinking of trying this to see. i prefer ms pro duo since my laptop
    cannot read cf cards and hate any more adapters.

  • slupmed

    can i use it for astrophotography mounted on a telescope

  • Gordon Laing

    If you only get one lens, then it should be a general purpose one like the
    18-70mm. I’d stick with this and not worry about additional lenses until
    you know how the current one is restricting you – it might be fine for more
    than you think… Feel free to discuss this further on the cameralabs

  • Alphonzen

    Great review!

  • mikeaquino94

    i’ve read different reviews but never came to a good conclusion. this one
    helped a lot. will get one definately

  • palakaboy

    no seriously, thank you. check out my pictures @ cameralabs… many of them
    look that way because of the information i found through your vids and your
    forum! thank YOU!

  • racer14344

    Greetings! Your reviews are very helpful to us, buyers. They are very
    comprehensive, so clear that all we need to know are already presented.
    Sir, what lens would you recommend for a neophyte like me, a SAL 55-200mm
    or a 75-300mm? or the standard 18-70mm is enough for now? Thanks! Godbless!
    Merry Christmas!

  • PartyPack

    can you record video with this camera, or not?

  • Chris
    18 of 19 people found the following review helpful
    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Nice unit, December 20, 2012

    Verified Purchase(What’s this?)
    This review is from: Sony CDXGT710 Digital Media CD Car Stereo Receiver with HD Radio & Pandora Control (Electronics)
    I just finished installing this radio in a 2005 Ford F-150. First off, get a wiring harness that is made for your car. It really saves a lot of time when soldering and you don’t have to cut factory wires. I will say that this was a nice upgrade for now I can listen to HD radio, a really nice feature. It is crystal clear and can connect with many more stations in my area. (NW Indiana)

    I constantly have problems with aftermarket radio’s lights being too bright. I was particularly interested in this unit due to its option of having an entirely red screen illumination. I currently have the radio set to bright white during the day and a very dim red at night. The colors change when the headlights are turned on or off. The factory radio location is fairly high on this truck, and the dim red is just fine for night driving.

    Do not buy this headunit if you’re looking to gain power output to your speakers. The peak wattage is 52w and I believe RMS is somewhere around 17w, which is fine if you don’t care about impressing your friends…

    The button layout and iPod navigation(Playlists, Albums, Songs, etc..) are just fine. They take some getting used to but are fairly simple after overcoming the learning curve.

    For the iPhone Pandora users; the Pandora function works elegantly..

    Make sure you want a front USB port before you buy this unit, I’ve seen many people with Alpine units with rear USB ports that have a cable hardwired into a glove box. This is a particularly nice if you don’t like a cluttered up dashboard..

    All in all for twenty over a hundred bucks, this unit will do the job just fine.


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  • Scott Rogers
    11 of 11 people found the following review helpful
    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Awesome receiver, January 5, 2013

    Verified Purchase(What’s this?)
    This review is from: Sony CDXGT710 Digital Media CD Car Stereo Receiver with HD Radio & Pandora Control (Electronics)
    Sony products have historically been good and this one is no exception. Has all the features you could need and sounds great. Installation was a breeze and there’s only a small learning curve to know how to make all the necessary personal settings. I would definitely recommend purchasing one.


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